Kyiv Ukrainian Pavilion


Agribition Building EVRAZ
1700 Elphinstone Street
Regina, SK


Kyiv Ukrainian Pavilion

Performance Schedule

Please check back soon for event information!

Kyiv Ukrainian Pavilion


Soft Drinks 12oz $2
(white and chocolate)
Bottled Water $2
Coffee $2


Drinks - Alcohol
Kava-Coffiee with coffee liqueur blended with a special liqueur and whipped cream $6
Ukrainian Casar - Vodka and a spicy caesar mix $6
Hutzul Hammer- brandy and liqueur $6
Ukrainian Lady - White Rum mixed with cranberry juice, lemon and 7-up $6
Kyiv Kooler - Vodka served with a ruby red grapefruit juice mix $6
Jello Shooter - Lemon yellow and blueberry jello with Vodka $3
Cherry Whiskey Shooter $3
Peach Sourpuss Shooter $3
Naughty Cow Shooter $3
Great Western Draft - cold from the Keg $5
Slavutych - 500ml $7
Lvivske - 500ml $7
Rye $5
Rum - white,amber and dark $5
Scotch $5
Perchiwka - peper Vodka $5
Khortytsa Vodka (Horilka from Ukraine) $5


Pavilion Specialties
Kyiv Special
(perogies, cabbage rolls and ukrainian sausage)
Borshcht $4
Beet Vegetable Soup  
Deep Fried Perogies $4
Ukrainian Kabob $6
Shishliki $7


Cheese Cake $3
Poppy Seed Cake $3
Puff Wheat Cake $2