What's Included

The Mosaic passport entitles the bearer to visit any Mosaic pavilion for an unlimited number of times and to use the free Mosaic bus transportation to all pavilions




Ages 14 to 59 years: $15.00


Ages 6 to 13 years: $10.00
Ages 6 to 10 with the admission of an adult: Free


Ages 60+ years: $10.00


Ages 5 years and under: Free


Where to Buy

Passports are available from the Regina Multicultural Council or through member organizations or at the pavilion directly



Passports are non-transferable and non-refundable.

In accordance with City of Regina Bylaw No. 10167, all Mosaic pavilions are designated non-smoking spaces. The use of Electronic Cigarettes is prohibited in all pavilions and can only be used in designated smoking areas outside the pavilion.

The Regina Multicultural Council assumes no responsibility for any claims of any kind, whether by reason of negligence or otherwise, arising out of the options of Mosaic 2023 or any individual Mosaic pavilion.