Mosaic - Festival of Cultures is the longest running multicultural festival in Saskatchewan that began as a single day, single venue event in 1967 and has now become a three-day. 2024 marks the 54 th anniversary of Mosaic. This year 18 Pavilions invite you to join them on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2024. In the months leading up to Mosaic - Festival of Cultures, RMC and it’s participating member groups come together and begin the planning of the annual festival. The planning, execution and hosting of Mosaic Pavilions is all undertaken by hundreds of committed volunteers.

Mosaic provides an opportunity for members of ethno-cultural communities to be able to promote their culture within the City of Regina. Mosaic a Festival of Cultures allows the multicultural community to provide a family focused event that celebrates culture while building public awareness about the rich cultural diversity in our community.

Mosaic Fun Facts

• Mosaic began in 1967 with a one-day event. Since then, Mosaic has expanded to a three-day event showcasing anywhere from 17 – 22 pavilions.
• 1977 was the first three-day festival where pavilions were at various locations throughout the city.
• Mosaic Adult pass in 1967 - $1.00... Mosaic Adult pass in 2024 $15.00... WOW!
• Regina Multicultural Council, Mosaic Committee and pavilions are all run by volunteers who put in thousands of hours each year to bring together Mosaic!
• Over the years, there have been more than 9 million visits to Mosaic pavilions, with almost 1.1 million passports sold!
• Mosaic is successful due to the many Partners who support the festival. 2024 Presenting Partners are: TD Bank, City of Regina, and Dilawri Group.
• Please support our Partners as they are the cornerstones to enable Mosaic.