2024 Organizing Committee

Mosaic: The Flagship Project of the RMC

The Mosaic Chair is selected by the Board of Directors and is a member of the Board of Directors.

It is the responsibility of the Chair to establish the formal Committee and determining the roles, responsibilities, and duties of each area. The selection of the committee is based on professional, technical, community knowledge and expertise.

Led by the Mosaic Chair the Committee Leads work and collaborate on various aspects for the organisation, planning and execution of the Festival.





"My deep appreciation and thanks to the 2024 Mosaic Committee team. We stand on the shoulders of the thousands who have served, nurtured, and ensured the continuation of this festival leading to its 54th Anniversary." 
Gursh Barnard May 2024.


2024 Mosaic Committee

Gursh Barnard *

Mosaic Chair

Pat Fiacco *

Community Partnership & Sponsor Lead

Dion Tchorzewski

Governance & Compliance Lead

Jason Rotelick *

Finance & Contract Lead

Muna DeCiman *

VIP & Pavilion Experience Host

Andre Piasta *

Transportation Lead

Bill Harries *

IT Lead & Pavilion passport information

Anna Mae Feliciano *

Cultural Outreach Program Lead

Nick Langshaw

Ambassador Training & Development Lead

Benji Hazen

Transportation Lead

Janice Rodgers

Cultural Outreach Program Lead

Luis Alapizco

Mosaic Workshop Lead

* Member of RMC Board of Directors