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Announcement of 2024 Mosaic Chair 

On behalf of the board of directors I am pleased to announce that Gursh Barnard has accepted the role of Mosaic 2024 Chair.

She was elected to the board of RMC, December 2022 as a member at large, subsequently has been fulfilling the interim role of RMC Secretary. Gursh has extensive experience in leadership, management, volunteerism and board governance. As an experienced volunteer her professional and personal commitment to community building and engagement is at the heart of her activities. She brings over 30 years of experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. A strong advocate and promoter of the value and importance of strong communities rooted in unity: multiculturism and diversity. She served as a volunteer of RMC from 1992 – 1998. She was the President of the Council from’96- ‘98. Her contributions included that of being engaged in the Mosaic committees and Festival during her time on the Council.

Please join me in welcoming Gursh: “I feel honoured to serve the Regina Multicultural Council, our community and the City of Regina as the 2024 Mosaic Chair. I look forward to working closely with our Membership and 2024 Pavilions in building on the strengths of the past and growing our Festival and the RMC to new heights. Thank you to the 2023 Mosaic team, led by Nish Prasad for their hard work and tremendous success.”

John Findura



Mosaic began in 1967 with a one-day event. Since then, Mosaic has expanded to a three-day event showcasing anywhere from 17-22 pavilions. • 1977 was the first three-day festival where pavilions were at various locations throughout the city. • Mosaic Adult pass in 1967: $1.00 … Mosaic Adult pass in 2023: $15.00. Wow! • Regina Multicultural Council, Mosaic Committee and pavilions are all run by volunteers who put in thousands of hours each year to bring together Mosaic! • Over the years, there have been more than 9 million visits to Mosaic pavilions, with almost 1.1 million passports sold. • Mosaic relies on sponsorship to execute our event each year.

Official launch: April 21, 3:00 P.M.

City Hall court yard